To get married in Hawaii, you will need to obtain a marriage license from the State of Hawaii.
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Prior to completing the marriage or civil union application, be sure to review the marriage or civil union requirements for obtaining a license; it's highly recommended that couples complete the online application with payment by credit card before meeting with an agent. Both the prospective spouses or prospective partners must appear together in person before a license agent to obtain a marriage or civil union license. Please note that your online application will be available for the issuance of a marriage or civil union license by an agent in the State of Hawaii up to one year from the application date. After a year, your application will be removed from the system.

 License Agent in Kihei: Cynthia Wolfe
Web Page:
(808) 875-8459

 License Agent in Lahaina: Sherilynn Takushi
Web Page:
(808) 276-6919

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