Pia Aluli was born and raised on the island of Oahu. His mother was from Maui so as a Keiki they would spend their summer vacations visiting family and enjoying Maui. In 1968 he moved to Maui from Oahu to enjoy the country lifestyle, surf and canoe paddle.

He has spent most of his life performing Hawaiian music for hotels, restaurants, conventions and weddings. He has also toured extensively in Canada and the mainland sharing his culture and Hawaiian music.

In 1998 Pia decided to redirect his life and become a minister, something he had an interest and desire to do for a long time. He still plays Hawaiian music, but these days he is largely focused on officiating. "It is a joyful, meaningful way to connect with people", Pia says.

Weddings are happy times, and here in Maui we have the perfect setting to make it a truly memorable occasion. The excitement that Pia feels from each couple is contagious. He is honored and blessed to be a part of the ceremony.